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The Dark Voice is published for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood under the authority granted to the Dark Voice Tribune by the Iron Throne. The Dark Voice Tribune is the "Editor-in-Chief" of the Dark Voice, and all decisions pertaining to the Dark Voice are the final authority of the Dark Voice Tribune, per the authority granted him by the Grand Master. Any issues, comments, or complaints about the Dark Voice should therefore be sent to the Dark Voice Tribune, and/or the Grand Master.

The content, views, and opinions presented in this publication are not neccassarily those of the Grand Master, the Dark Council, or any leader of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, nor are they the views or opinions of the Dark Voice Tribune. The Dark Voice publishes a wide variety of works, and any submission meeting our Standards of Publication and Mission Statement may be published.

The Dark Voice is the property of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, 2007, All Rights Reserved. All individual content is the property of it's creator, except where explicitly stated. All users who submit anything for publication to the Dark Voice agree that it may be impossible to ever 'remove' the content from the Dark Voice, as this is the historical archive of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Any member who wants his or her work removed should contact the Grand Master, Justicar, and Dark Voice Tribune. All efforts will be made to prevent any submitted work from being used in future issues, however it is the policy of the Dark Voice that content will not be removed from the archives.

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