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Dark Voice Standards of Publication

The Dark Voice will publish eight issues per year, on a schedule that is posted and available for the members of the Brotherhood to examine.

The Dark Voice Tribune will be responsible for finding and appointing a "Senior Editor" and a "Senior Correspondant", who along with the Dark Voice Tribune, will be responsible for ensuring these Publication Standards and the Mission Statement are followed, and to ensure continuity from one issue to the next.

All authors wishing to submit to the Dark Voice must follow the Publication Standards of the Dark Voice. The Dark Voice will commit to working with authors to improve submissions and help authors meet these standards, to the extent as possible given the constraints of the Dark Voice Staff. The Dark Voice shall not disregard any submission without attempting to edit, and work with the author, except in cases where the quality of work is so far below publication standards, or the author refuses to modify or attempt to improve his or her work. The general rule of thumb shall be any article will be published that does not require more work to be brought to standard then was originally used for it's creation.

The Dark Voice shall be published in an "In Character" format. It should not simply be a recollection of events from the last 60 days, but should instead be no different then anyone sitting down and reading thier newspaper in the real world. Ignoring the fact that we are writing about a Star Wars fan club based on Dark Jedi, this publication should be "realistic", and on par with any similiar publication from the real world.

The Dark Voice shall establish a reusable template for presenting the publication. A simple HTML page listing all of the submissions is tasteless and boring to read. The Dark Voice will be dynamic, easy to navigate, and easy on the eyes. From issue to issue, a reader should be able to find what they are looking for, just like a real newspaper or magazine. Should this "layout" be deemed to be excessive, or large in size, a simple easy to read text-based version should also be presented for the convienance of it's readers.

The Dark Voice should constantly strive to exceed and improve upon these standards, updating and modifying where appropriate.

-SBM Derev Niroth, June 2007