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Dark Voice Mission Statement

In it's many years of existance, the Dark Voice has seen a plethora of change. It has gone from a purely factual listing of events in the Brotherhood, to an all out fictional publication set in the Star Wars Universe. Over the years, the Dark Voice has seen high highs, and low lows. At times, reading it can be a purely enjoyable experience, and at others, navigating the pages of the Dark Voice could be likened to a mine field.

The Dark Voice has always had the task of being the primary advancement mechanism for the Dark Brotherhood Story. At times, it becomes difficult to find that story, amongst the mass of submissions that are haphazardly thrown together and called a newsletter. The Dark Voice will place advancing the Brotherhood's storyline as it's top priority, and should do so in a way that presents an enjoyable and intelligent publication to the membership of the Brotherhood.

With the guidance from the Iron Throne, this publication will eight issues per month, on a systematic schedule. The Dark Voice will eliminate the 'out of charachter' nature of the Dark Voice as it exists now, and offer a publication thats "in charachter" with the Brotherhood. Interviews will not simply be a transcript of a conversation, but an enjoyable article that presents information that will be of interest to the Brotherhood. Stories will be presented in a fictional setting, presenting information matter of factly but through fiction, rather then a traditional fact based article. Recurring articles and columns should be established, to bring back readers time and time again. Staff writers will have a specific focus and area. Stories and articles run in the publication will have relevence to current events of the Brotherhood.

The Dark Voice will no longer award it's staff a multitude of Dark Side Scroll's for multiple submissions in an issue. The Dark Voice will establish systems that allow staff members to earn merit awards and promotions for the work they contribute to the Dark Voice month after month.

-SBM Derev Niroth, June 2007